Slipsheet is a handling sheet, light and recyclable, modern alternative to wooden pallet.


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Reduction in transport costs

The Slipsheet allow very secure loading, free of wooden pallet, increasing volume and weight.

> To save 10% and more on the volume of goods by truck or container because of its size.

> To optimize your loads and freight because of its lightness and the wooden pallet removal.

> To keep the same packaging even when you have to use different size of pallet in logistic chain (for example: European pallet to US pallet).


The Slipsheet allow you to save place in your stocks:

> 1000 pallets = 100 m3

> 1000 Slipsheet = 1 m3

Slip01 [1600x1200]

Cash saver

Less expensive than wooden pallet, the Slipsheet help you to decrease your packaging costs.


Our Slipsheets are appropriated to loading in containers and refrigerator transports.

Slip02 [1600x1200]

Sanitary safety

Free of wood, the Slipsheet is not subject to NIMP15 norm. It allows exporting all over the world without preoccupation regarding wooden pallets sanitary regulation.


Using our Slipsheets make you free from returnable pallets management.