Reddi-Crate is a multipurpose transport box U-shaped made of cardboard, very strong and stiff, specially designed for long products.

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Reddi-Crate reddicrate_300x181

Easy to use

Reddi-Crate® box is made up of two elements: bottom and top that fit perfectly to compose a stiff box that can be strapped, nailed, stapled…

Light and safe

Reddi-Crate® is light, easy to handle and to use. It is without risk for your operators.


Reddi-Crate® is a stiff and light packaging with large possibilities of sizes and thickness to fit your products with maximal resistance and protection.


Very resistant, Reddi-Crate® can replace wood box, cardboard box and tube. Whatever sizes, it stay stiff and resistant to crushing, compression and flexion.


Stackable and easy to use, Reddi-Crate® allow to save time in handling.


Reddi-Crate® is recyclable in cardboard industry, making easier your wastes management.


With Reddi-Crate®, improve your communication printing your logo on! .